Happy Monday! Welcome back to the Emerald room 😊 The sun is shining and the children are ready for a fun day!

We sat down in the morning for our group times with our educators! We sang songs with Bernice, played games with Jasmine and read books with Robyn. Each day the children can decide whose group time they want to participate in and have lots of fun suggesting songs, games and books!

Let’s move our bodies and warm them up for the day during our yoga session! The children enjoyed following along and completing the yoga poses as instructed. We have specific songs for yoga that they children enjoy listening to. We have recently added a meditation song at the end where the children love to lay down and relax, some love to do the ‘happy baby’ pose!

At the end of this week, we will be celebrating Halloween together and the children are invited to wear their spooky costumes. Today the children had fun painting a spooky, haunted house with black paint!

We have also had a fantastic day exploring the slide in the yard and mixing foam in the bowls to make a delicious cake! Shaving foam is a fun and sensory material that the children love to explore! 😊

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