Good afternoon our wonderful Magenta Families. Hope your weekend was a nice and relaxing one. Today we welcomed another week here in the magenta room with great smiles and happy laughing. It’s so wonderful to see everyone welcome our friends as they arrive for a fun day filled with activities and experiences.

To start the day off we had a lovely morning tea and a self select play in the garden before the heat of midday arrived.  In the garden we had drawing and small sand pit tray and group games such as what’s the time Mr wolf and red light green light.

For group time we continued on with our spooky Halloween stories and chatted about some ideas how we can decorate our room for the Halloween celebration day we have coming up. We also read the story the jungle book and Elaria also brought in some amazing pictures that she shared with us and told us all about her weekend.  For group time we made some more spooky Halloween playdough and are going to be mixing purple and orange play dough together to make a Halloween garden using colour play dough and spooky creatures. We also did some finger painting where we were focusing on moving our fingers along the letters of our name.  This is a great way to visualize some letters in our names and practice moving our fingers in controlled markings and precise movements on our page.

Some of our other activities today were drawing and painting, garden bird watching station, spooky home corner and play house, large building blocks, puzzles, connectable mini blocks, reading mat, wooden dolls, drawing table and dress ups.

What a great way to start our week, See you all tomorrow for another fun filled day.

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