Good afternoon Magenta families and hope your week is going well so far.

What a great start to the day we have had with some awesome Halloween costumes arriving today and all our Halloween activities we have had. Today we did some spooky Halloween yoga and got ready for our day of fun activities and experiences. For group time we read the stories “Is It Halloween Yet “and “A Spooky Countdown to Halloween” and “Who will Haunt my House on Halloween” we also sung some of our Halloween songs like “in a spooky spooky house” and “Witches magic cooking”.

We also posed the question to the children that was  “When I say the word Halloween what do your think of?”

Luca: I think of zombies and pumpkins

Amelia: I think of ghosts and bats that are flying in the night to visit the house for trick and treating. It’s very fun for sharing with my mummy and friends.

Celina: I think of trick a treating with my pumpkin bag

Saige: I think of a witch and her broom stick flying to catch her hat

Alannah: I think of  the pumpkin with the little light inside so his face is bright and smiley.

Emmeline: I think of a spooky black Halloween cat from the story  book.

For learning center time we have had some great spooky Halloween activities. Today we had Halloween spaghetti focusing on our fine motor cutting skills which promote strong finger movements and the manipulation of utensils. We also had our pumpkin collage where we practiced using glue sticks and using controlled makings to glue our collage pieces on. We also dressed up as Halloween mummies with pretend bandages and played hide and seek. Tomorrow we will be making a witches potion in the witches cauldron and we are so excited about it.

Some of our other activities today were puzzles, outdoor drawing mat, train track, large building blocks, cubby house, home corner, reading mat and water play.

What a great Wednesday and see you all tomorrow for another wonderful day here in the Magenta room.

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