We are having Halloween dress-up day on Friday 29th October!!!!!!!!


Hello, Crimson families. It is getting hotter and hotter! This means that there are more opportunities for water play!! Please ensure to pack spare clothes (including underwear) and a hat in your child’s bag. Thank you.


During group time, we gathered on the mat and listened to our friends’ news. The topic for this week is ‘Halloween’. All children are welcome to bring books, photos, costumes, or share stories.

Arda – costume, bucket and cups

“I got them from the shopping centre. I scanned this one on the machine then I bought it. I bought it because I wanted it. I have 10 cups. My costume is a skeleton. It sparks at dark night.”

Shona – consume

“I’m a witch today. I bought it from the shop. My mum chose it for me and I like it. I want to wear it on Friday and today too.”

Belian – pumpkin lantern

“I brought it from home because I wanted to show it to everyone. I can move it around everywhere. My mum bought it from the shop. Because she wants to decorate our home.”   After that, it was time to go learning centre time.


Inside the room, children were invited to make special decorations for Halloween. They used Halloween colours. Green, black and yellow, to create a circular pattern. Once they had a beautiful circle pattern, they then added purple decorations around it to complete it. Also, Max R, Imri, Edward and Archie were all busy creating cars or other things with connecting sets. Because they put eyes on their cars, it looked like one of the monster cars.


On the deck, another group of children were also making Halloween decorations. They used black paper and white to create Egyptian mummies. They decided to draw mummies’ faces instead of gluing googly eyes. On the other table, children were invited to make spaceships by cutting and pasting papers. They demonstrated awareness of shapes and colours while using their fine motor skills to cut papers.


Have a wonderful afternoon everyone! See you tomorrow.



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