Happy Thursday dear Aqua Family. We are already excited for tomorrow’s Halloween party and can’t wait to see what our Aqua friends will be disguising themselves as.

Our day was busy as children enjoyed their time exploring the room and getting to know about Halloween.

We went to Magenta for the trial dance with our new teacher from Passion Arts and Dance and it was fun, the children really enjoyed it.

The children demonstrated their good listening skills in group time and we sang many songs and listened to stories.

The children enjoyed making play dough with Donna whilst some enjoyed making pumpkins with Katherine and some enjoyed face painting with Liza.

We welcome back Sophie, we enjoyed spending time with you after long break.

Hope you all will enjoy happy faces of Aqua 😊

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  1. SRoqueza
    SRoqueza says:

    Look at that gorgeous happy smiling face on my beautiful girl!! I know she is so well taken care of so thank you for making her first day back so special. She was so excited to be there and couldn’t stop talking about all the fun she had! So much creative play time for my little girl!


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