Can you believe it is the first day of November already? Where has this year gone?  We will be seeing the Jolly man in no time.

The children are still talking about their costumes from Friday and the disco they had. It was so nice to hear the chatter about what they were wearing.

Outside the children explored many areas, they enjoyed the dressing the dolls and going to the shop. They bought nappies and food for the babies and enjoyed the experience.

The children also had the opportunity to play a game of fishing, instead of catching the fish the children had to catch shapes and match them to the right slot. The children seem to enjoy this activity and showed concentration development as they found the right slot.

Chloe enjoyed the sandpit area, she worked hard trying to make a sandcastle without the aid of her teacher. Tilly joined her after a while.

The children enjoyed group time with their teachers and have started to talk about the upcoming festival of Diwali which will fall on the 4th of November. It is the festival of lights and to explain better, the teacher showed the children fireworks and then were encouraged to join in on some firework painting. The teacher also lit some candles and turned the lights down low.

The children also enjoyed some fork painting making bright colours on the paper.

They also requested to do some cutting, using their fine motor skills they cut out many different Halloween pictures.

It was a fun Monday, the children spent a lot of time in the garden.

We hope you have a nice day and evening.

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