Happy Monday! Welcome back to the Emerald room after the weekend. It’s the beginning of another month 😊 November is here and we are getting closer to the end of the year!

The children got stuck into their Monday at BBC by joining in with group time with their favourite educators! We read books together, sang songs and played with bubbles! The children engaged in conversations with their educators about the weekend, the weather and the week ahead!

Time for yoga! The children were excited to set up the mats and take off their shoes and socks. They had a lot of fun practicing their yoga poses with Affa and following along to our yoga music. We jumped and stretched our bodies to wake up those gross motor muscles!

Halloween may be over, but we had leftover jelly to explore! The children used their hands to touch and feel their way through the green jelly to find the spooky spiders!

We enjoyed painting black spots onto our ladybirds today!  The children were encouraged to dab, dab, dab the paintbrush onto the paper to make spots. We counted as we painted!

The children have had a lovely Monday exploring the sandpit, exploring Jasmine and Cindy’s toys and helping Rita to take down and pack away our Halloween decorations to make room for more … festive displays!

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