Welcome dear Aqua families, the days pass by really quick and now its nearly the end of the year! We are all excited to for Christmas and New Year already.

Our day started with sharing and turn taking. We made play dough together where most of the children showed enthusiasm in participating and helping the educators followed by play dough experience. And our dear friend Elizabeth showed her care towards Matilda by helping her with drinking.

The children enjoyed group time as always, we sang songs and listened to some audio books today.

Exposing children to diversity, we are celebrating Diwali via art and crafts. Today, we made some Diya and Rangoli and learnt about conceptual maths and colour recognition respectively.

Beating this hot weather, some children participated in pouring and scooping experience testing children’s patience and resilience towards filling up the bucket till top.

The day was full of fun, and children enjoyed their time spending with their peers and exploring the room. 😊

Hope you all have a lovely evening.

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