Hello, Crimson families. The first day of November is here! It is getting hotter and hotter! Therefore, we would have more chances to have water play. Please ensure to pack spare clothes (including underwear) in your child bag. Thank you.


During group time, we gathered on the mat and talked about Halloween. Lots of children said they went trick or treating yesterday and got lots of lots of sweets! After, we listened to our friends’ news. The topic for this week is ‘Colour/s’ in honour of the Diwali festival. All children are welcome to bring books, photos, toys, or share stories related to colour/s. However, as we have not announced the topic, we have made it a free topic today.

Jeffrey – toy

“My toy can transform. Do you want me to show it?” He showed us how his toy can transform.

Arda – toy

“This is a batman and his black car. My mummy ordered it online. I needed to wait for a few days and it was delivered.”

Oscar W – Halloween bucket

“I brought this Halloween bucket and went trick or treating yesterday. I was a police officer and my brother Billy was a skeleton.”

Eddie – toy

“This is a police car. I can do this and this car goes super fast.” He put the car on the ground, pulled back and let go.   After that, it was time to go learning centre.

Inside the room, children listened to the stories about space as the children’s interest in it has continued since the space week. After, children were invited to participate in art experiences. They were free to choose what they wanted to use from a range of pens and paints to draw a picture of the space. On the other table, children challenged their numeracy skills. They identified numbers on the paper and arranged cars according to that numbers.


On the deck, another group of children talked about Indian culture as Diwali is approaching. They looked at some pictures of Indian foods, Indian buildings and Indian landscapes. while we look at the photos, we discussed what we see, what is different from Australia and what is the same. After, children were invited to participate in various activities related to Diwali.

Have a wonderful afternoon everyone! See you tomorrow.

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