Today was another wonderful spring day. The children have been playing so much outside. We are very careful with applying our cream and keeping ourselves safe.

Water play is always a big hit in the warm weather. The children sat at the red box and poured water into the turning wheel and laughed as they saw it run to the bottom. The children scooped and poured into many different sized containers.

Inside the children joined Carolina for some yoga time. They each take a mat, listening for the direction that the teacher tells them and complete the pose. Their all-time favourite is the butterfly. They sing the song ‘’Fly like a butterfly’’ and flap their arms up and down to make the motion of a butterfly.

This week at learning centre time we are learning all about the festival of Diwali. The children made their own candles today and explored many things we use lights for.

They also made fireworks using forks and bright colours. It was a fun learning experience and the children seemed to enjoy it.

Noah, Rory and Theodore as always were exploring Dino world. Today they also explored the book with many different Dinosaurs inside.

Playdough was a hit and the children explored many different toys and activities ready for the them.

We had a fun day and we hope our parents did too.

Have a nice evening.

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  1. SRoqueza
    SRoqueza says:

    Sophie loves the yoga! She’s now even telling her Nanna how to stay calm – deep breath, hands together, up to the sky, and breath out as you come down! It’s so cute!! Love the downtime for them.


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