Welcome Crimson Families, the weather was a bit warm in the morning. Children decided to use their hats and sunscreen for sun protection throughout the day. They were happy as we had a Kruti for a special guest in the Crimson room!

In group time, children took some pictures with educators in the yard. In the picture, they were dressed differently as it was Halloween dress-up day! The picture was followed by group time where Kruti discussed children’s interest in today’s activities. Lily suggested making our own cake for afternoon tea. Similarly, other children suggested to create own cup and putting some lollies inside it to take home for Halloween. The group time also discussed dresses and videos of the Halloween celebrations through dance moves.

The group time was followed by children making their own cake with Arturo. They used measurement and mixed different ingredients to make a cake. Later, Frank took the cake away to put inside the oven and be ready for afternoon tea. Kruti involved some children to decorate cake with spiders and masks. Kruti role modelled children about hand coordination and concentration on creating a cake beautifully. Kruti also discussed the upcoming Diwali festival with children.

Another group of children were engaged in outdoor play with making Halloween hats. Arya, Edward A, Arda and Thomas used texta and glue to create their own Halloween hats. On the other side, children were involved in constructive play with marble runs and blocks. Children also practised fine and gross motor skills by climbing in monkey bars, climbing frames and balancing their bodies in the cubby house.

In the afternoon, children were excited about face paint and dancing to the sound of the speaker. After afternoon tea, all children gathered in the yard where Arturo set up music and space for children in dancing with Halloween songs.

All children had blast for the whole day.  We wish you a Happy Halloween!  Hope children get lots of sweet treats! (And also hope they don’t finish all the treats in one day!!!!!)



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  1. SRoqueza
    SRoqueza says:

    Happy Halloween – what a bonus to go as Captain America for Liam’s 2nd day back at school. Such fun!!! He told me all about it and was very happy to be back with his friends and teachers!


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