We have made it to Wednesday! The children have been learning all about Diwali this week and have had lots of fun participating in different activities!

We enjoyed group time with our educators. We read lots of stories together and have perfected our favourite nursery rhymes, complete with actions! Slowly we have been introducing the children to Christmas songs and they are loving them!

The children enjoyed their yoga session this morning and moved their bodies to promote gross motor movement, balance and coordination!

We are celebrating Diwali this week – the festival of lights! Today the children talked about fireworks in the sky and used toilet rolls to create their own fireworks on paper. They had fun stamping and twisting the toilet rolls on the paper to make different patterns!

The children enjoyed their time at the playdough table today! They used knives, rolling pins and hammers to manipulate the dough and practice their chopping skills. We have had a lovely day playing in the yard and looking at the circle shape as we stamped during our free painting time!

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