Hello, Crimson families. Thursday is here! By the time morning tea was finished, it had started to rain and the children were a little disappointed that they couldn’t go outside to play. But when I told them that the plants and animals are happy with the rain, they agreed and thought that a rainy day was not so bad. It was great that they were able to think about things from a different perspective as well as their own.


During group time, we gathered on the mat and listened to our friends’ news. The topic for this week is ‘Colour/s’ in honour of the Diwali festival. All children are welcome to bring books, photos, toys, or share stories related to colour/s.

Lily – colourful clothes

“This is so colourful, has lots of colours on it. I even have colourful shoes with a little bit of sparkles on. My uncle gave it to me. “

Ava – bracelets

“It’s so special because it has lots of colours on it. And it’s sparkly and shiny. I bought the same one for my sister Isabelle.”

Alexia – Shoes

“My mummy bought it for me. She bought it from shop. I like it because it’s so colourful. And It’s matching with my jacket.”

Imri – Iron man costume

“My iron man costume has lots of colours. And so many stars because of shooting.”

Arya – traditional dress

“My mum bought it for me. She also wears traditional dress. We celebrate Diwali, it’s festival of light.”

Viraj – Diwali book

“This book is for Diwali. And also, I wear this cloth for Diwali.”

Jack A – book

“This book is for colours. This is my favourite page and favourite colour. Orange, yellow, pink, red.”

Edward – hat

“ My hat has lots of colours. This is a soldier’s hat. I can count how many colours are on it.”

Eddie – spiderman box

“If I open it, I can show you what is inside. And this box has lots of colours.”  After that, it was time to go learning centre.

Inside the room, children took part in a space project. Today, they made space suits out of recycled materials. It was a lot of cutting and pasting, but when it was done, the children were so happy and everyone wanted to wear it. On the other side of the table, children were invited to make space masks using paper plates. They used lots of colours to make them special.


On the deck, another group of children enjoyed talking about Diwali. During the discussion. they shared what they know about this special festival. Then, they were invited to make artwork inspired by Diwali. They used baking cups and special pens to represent Diwali candles. They were happy to hang and decorate them once they were finished.

Have a wonderful afternoon everyone! See you tomorrow.

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