Good afternoon Magenta Families and what a great Tuesday we are having.

We started the day off with a little group time talking about sun safety and why wearing our hat and sunscreen is important for our skin and our health.

Isla: your hat keeps the sun from burning your nose,

Alannah: and you can play in the shady places of the garden.

Elaria: it’s no hat no play because the sun is hot.

For group time we discussed that it is Melbourne cup today and that means some horses and their horse riders are going to run a race like a running race we do at day care but the horses will be running and the riders will be riding on their backs. We also talked about how it is important to look after horses and animals and give them healthy food and lots of water like us so they can grow big and strong. We also chatted about taking care of animals. We also watched a little horse race on the iPad and watched as the horses legs ran super fast around the grass track.

Charles: Horses can eat flowers and hay

Henry: and they can sleep at night time so they can run fast in the morning time after breakfast and lots of cuddles from their mummy.

Poppy: and they can have a relaxing place to sleep

For activity time we also made some fancy Melbourne cup hats that will be featuring in our hat parade this afternoon and we also made some cardboard horses that we will be making our own Melbourne cup trace to practice our galloping skills.

Some of our other activities today were reading corner, cubby house, puzzle table, water play and playdough.

Daniel also brought  in a dinosaur costume and we pretended we were in the prehistoric dinosaur times and we were stomping and hiding to find some food to eat and a river to drink some water.

What a great day and see you all tomorrow.

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