Happy Diwali to all of our Aqua families. We had a fun rainy day celebrating with Liza, Komalpreet and Kruti.

We had some special food called Samosa’s for afternoon tea, this is the type of food that is shared at the Diwali festival among many other foods.

The children also were invited to listen to many stories from Liza and Komalpreet at group times about how they celebrate the festival at home with their families. They were very excited to learn about the mini fireworks (sparklers) that are used and how many families light candles in their homes.

After the group time the children were invited to make many different fun and creative activities to celebrate the festival.

With Liza they sat in the sandpit, Liza placed the green board down and the children watched as she made Rangoli with coloured sand. Diwali festival is not complete without sketching out a beautiful rangoli on the floor. Today Liza made the most beautiful flower with the sand.

The children also had the opportunity to make some henna signs on a hand with colourful paints.

We also made fireworks using pipe cleaners and stamping it to make a firework shape.

With Komalpreet the children were invited to make their very own rangoli on plates, they used glue and different colour paper and got creative.

The day was full of fun activities and the children and teachers had a super fun day.

We hope you all have a nice evening.

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