Happy Friday dear Aqua Family, hope you all are doing well.

Today we started our day in the sand pit with the diggers and in the home corner, where the children pretended to become mothers of the babies and got busy cooking and taking care of them.

In group time, the children enjoyed listening to stories and singing songs.

Extending children’s interest in the hospital, we made an ambulance with a gluing and sticking experience and discussed about its importance.

Similarly, continuing Diwali celebration, we used the henna (a tradition practice in Diwali) on hands.

Some children enjoyed their time in the ice cream store making and selling ice creams.

It was fun to discover/hypothesise different flavours of ice crem based on their colours. The children found some blueberry, mango, strawberry and orange flavour and transferred their knowledge from one context to another.

Outside, some children showed good balancing skills both by walking on the walking stones and attempting to balance bean bags on their head.

The day was full of fun and exploration where children were given opportunities to enhance their social skills, sense of agency and their emerging autonomy.

Happy weekend. 😊

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