Good afternoon everyone!

Welcome back to another week with us here in the Aqua room.

We hope you had an amazing weekend and enjoyed your time together.

Here in Aqua we had a lovely start of our day playing inside as it was raining, Maya, Sophia and Teresia started their morning playing at the home corner pretending to be babies and mums. Role play is a great experience for children in order to develop their social and emotional skills and is a great way to explore their imagination.

Claire also had some fun playing with the dinosaurs, making noises and roaring like the “big dinosaurs”.

While at the other table Isabel, Henry and Nicholas were playing with mister potato head, trying to put the pieces together, creating some cool outfits and fun faces. What a nice way to work on their creativity!

As soon as the rain stopped we went to the yard to explore and have fun outdoors. India, Eliza and Alice enjoyed their time climbing the tree waiting for their turns. Our lovely friends Cassidy, Rory and Noah were so excited playing with big trucks in the yard, they put the blue mats together pretending it to be a trucks’ track.

The sandpit was a fun place to play in today. The children enjoyed playing with the wet sand from the rain. They filled the big container up with sand and then emptied it to do it all over again haha, looks like lots of fun!

During group time, the children were able to demonstrate their good listening skills one more time. We read some books with Carolina and sang our lovely morning songs together.

It is lovely to see children having so much fun while learning and socialising.

We hope you have a lovely start of your week and looking forward to see you all tomorrow!

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