Happy Friday! Another week has passed in the Emerald room and this week the children have been learning all about Diwali, the festival of light! The children have loved sharing some of their educator’s culture and beliefs by participating in arts and crafts and other sensory activities!

We have started our day like every other … group time followed by yoga! During group time, the children sat down to read books and sing songs. We spoke more about Diwali and the activities we have been doing!

In our yoga session, the children moved their bodies to the yoga music and exercise their gross motor skills, balance and coordination 😊

The children had so much fun free painting at the easel today! We used coloured water and paint brushes to create colourful artwork for Diwali! This really encouraged the children’s imagination and creativity, as well as enhancing motor skills.

We have had a fabulous Friday dancing together, popping bubbles with our hands and feet and celebrating Diwali with our teachers! Have a lovely weekend 😊

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