Tuesday is here! The weather has been lovely and the children have enjoyed their time outside today 😊 They have participated in many sensory activities today!

We started off with group time! The children sat down to join in with reading and singing. They love to play with Cindy’s toys whilst chatting to her about the day and other things. The children have been learning Christmas songs with Ekta and are doing a great job!

We regrouped for yoga, where the children loved showing off their poses and stretching their bodies with their educator. The children are always excited to join in and practice together.

Today, the children had so much fun making and playing with slime! They made a huge mess and it was great! The children explored the blue coloured slime with their hands and talked about what it felt like. Sensory experiences like this are a fun way to develop cognitive skills and improve language.

We used our fine motor skills to draw with chalk in the black tray! The children had fun recognizing colours and drawing big circles!

What a lovely day! Everyone has had a fantastic day playing with the slime, dancing and splashing in water in the afternoon to cool down.

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