Welcome to Wednesday in the Emerald room! The weather today has been particularly wet, but the children have made the most of the rainy-day activities!

The children started their day with group time! With Ekta the children welcomed each other to the day and sang songs. Jasmine showed the children her special frog scales and they helped her to weigh the little frogs to see how heavy they are – this is a great way to introduce the children to early mathematics and mathematical language!

We warmed up our bodies with our yoga session. The children really enjoyed the butterfly pose today and used their arms as wings!

Today, the children helped to make playdough! Together they measured, poured and mixed the dough with their hands… then we played with it!

Jasmine always has such fun activities for fine motor development! Today the children posted straws through holes in a box … but these straws were super fun to put on our fingers too!

Tomorrow is Remembrance Day, a day to remember those who have fought in the line of duty. The children enjoyed gluing and sticking to decorate a poppy with red tissue paper today.

We have had a super fun day digging the sand pit, playing with the playdough and exploring foam with our hands!

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