It’s Thursday today and the children have had another fantastic day even in the rainy weather! Luckily, we are never short of fun rainy-day activities for the children to enjoy.

We sat down for group time in the morning with our educators to read books, sing songs and tell stories with puppets! We always look forward to group time throughout the day where the children can interact with their teachers and peers to improve their language and communication skills.

Yoga was so much fun! The children couldn’t wait to show off their downward dog and happy baby pose 😊

Inside, the children used their gross motor skills to reach up high to stick and un-stick the feathers from the tape! They talked about the colours of the feathers and that they felt very soft to touch. We had so much fun 😊

Today we sat with Marshmallow and fed her some delicious cabbage leaves. The children used their gentle hands to give her pats and are learning how to treat her with empathy and respect!

The children have had a wonderful day building towers, dancing and painting humpty dumpty – which is one of their favourite nursery rhymes at the moment.

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