Today we started the Monday off with some yoga.

Our BBC  School Photo Day (all  the children were beautiful and ready for their best photos)

Charles: “ Always smile to camera”

Isla: I show my smiling face!

Olivia: cheess

During a group time, the children explored the concept of floating and sinking. The children hypothesized about various object and what they could do.

Elaria: “If it is heavy it sinks and if it is light it floats.”

Addison: ‘’ Cups Floats”

Alannah: “ Stones sinks”

Olivia: ‘’ Leaf is floating”.

Our Story telling today was by Kay with lots of puppets. Three billy goats gruff was super popular.

The Three billy Goats Gruff can’t wait to cross the bridge and eat the sweet grass that’s on the other side . But can they get past the Bad Old toll without being eaten?

We also ventured off to the crimson yard for a play

Isla: I’m making pizza

Olivia: I’m making a fire camp’’

We also continued on with our Diwali celebrations.

The children continued painting to celebrate the new year festival.

Sara I wore my Diwali dress

Nishka – I wore my orange and green sparkly dress for Diwali

Isabelle, Amelia and Emmmeline worked very hard on making a real life birthday . We used team work skills as we talked about ideas of how to make it come together for Alannah’s birthday.

Today at group time we celebrated Alannah 4th birthday  with delicious cap cakes thank you Alannah

Happy 4th Birthday beautiful Alannah.

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