Good Morning Magenta Families, We had some wonderful things to share during News time today!

Elaria was very excited to show pictures from her holiday she took with her beautiful family. She brought pictures in and shared them with her peers and teachers during News time.

Elaria: “ I made a sand castle. I used to have something floaty on my belly when I swim, but now I don’t as I am a big girl. My Daddy took my picture and my sisters picture near the swimming place. We made lots of friends. Now the friends are going to come to our house. Savannah took the picture and there is a park we played in. We have Grandparents at our holiday, it was so much fun!”

Isabelle: “ It is Unicorn slinky. We stretch it and it comes back to us.

Emmeline Le; “ It is my necklace. It is rainbow colour and has a rainbow.”

Alice: “ I have two birdies and one Butterfly. Granny got it from the shop. They don’t bite me they are cutie.

By engaging in experiences such as “show and tell” it allows for opportunities to strengthen social skills and build confidence in group setting with public speaking and voicing thoughts and opinions. They often enjoy sharing their favorite toy , book, photos!

Well done Magenta!

We also had a drawing  table set up for the day to extend on our fine motor skills and applying critical thinking to our drawings and images applying thoughts and meaning to our drawings.

Emmeline Le; “I am drawing something special  for Mummy and daddy.”

Nishka: “ I am making something very special for my baby which she doesn’t know.”

Sara: “I have drawn a windy picture for my mummy and daddy.”

Emmeline Foo: “ I am drawing Elsa for Mom and dad.”

We also enjoyed some group games which allow the exploration of group work and these were “what’s the time Mr wolf” and “doggy doggy where is your bone”.

We hope you have a lovely evening and see you all tomorrow

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