The children were excited from early this morning to practice Christmas songs. In group time we sang Christmas songs and children performed songs inside the room. Some of the children were dressed in their favourite characters and costumes to perform Christmas songs.

The News Time group includes all school going children and interaction about school readiness process. Children who are going to school came up the front and explained to everybody about how they are day to go to school and why they choose the specific school. Teos, Arda, Archie brought their school bags to show everyone. The other group of children shared their interest in making Santa gifts for Christmas.

The weather was bit challenging this morning, so we could not get outside in the yard or sand pit for a play, but we decided to create fun experiences inside the room and on the deck. The Platypus, Kookaburra and Possums were divided in to two groups; inside the room Jeffrey, Edward, Belian, Arya, Shona, Leo, and Isaac made their own Christmas trees by cutting and pasting. The children decorated Christmas trees using glitter and other materials.

Isaac, Leo, and Thomas were also engaged in completing puzzles. They collaborated as a team and complete puzzles of various themes. Making a rocket ship was also an interesting part of the day where children drew their own rocket and pretend to fly it in the sky.

The outdoor area was full of constructive play with magnets, connectors, and Lego. The children imagined their own design and created their own building, car parks or house. Gail was also engaged in making Christmas trees with the Platypus group. Children used scissors to cut and paste trees and glitter to decorate trees.

We enjoyed our time watching the rain from the deck. Children also made paper boats and ships to float on the water. We had wonderful day today.

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