It’s Friday and the children were all smiles and excited for the weekend. In morning routine, we talked about plans for the weekend as it is forecast to rain. Children also sang Christmas songs with Arturo and Gail. They sang “Six White Boomers,” Bonker’s Beat songs and continent song with some giving a live performance.


During News Time some of the older children came in front of the group and explained about the location, structure, and reason of choosing their school. Additionally, children also explained about their expectation of their first day at school. We encouraged open ended conversation among children. The younger group of children brought their interest and learning expectation for the entire day.

Platypus group was engaged in making Santas, using cutting and pasting methods. Children were able to coordinate all fingers to use scissors, cut and stick cotton on as a beard for Santa.

The children love construction at the moment and it is excellent for their hand eye coordination and fine motor development – important pre-writing skills. A group of children were engaged in construction with blocks, magnets, and Lego. The magnet and Lego activity was extended using gecko man and cars to travel. Another small group was engaged in making Christmas presents and Santa on the white board.

Kookaburras and Possums were making Christmas trees by using cotton cloth in the shape of a tree. Another group of children were making Christmas signs with glitter by printing their names on cut piece of paper, whilst another small group was engaged in construction with big Legos and mobilo. The learning centre was full of open-ended questioning and interaction among the group. Children were taking turns and respecting each other’s creations.

The sun was glowing during the afternoon and children were excited to have a sunny afternoon. After lunch time, children were engaged in sandpit and yard play. Because of the sand being wet, it was easier for children to create their own design of castles and pipelines. During outdoor play the children played soccer and hide & seek. A group of children were engaged in gymnastics and some on a treasure hunt. They made plan of the treasure hunt in the morning and executed in the afternoon.

All children were engaged and involved in different learning experiences throughout day.

Have a lovely weekend!

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