Crimson started their day with big smiles from everyone coming to get their pictures taken for school photos. We also prepared for our turns as some got to get dress up for the occasion or had a photo with their brother or sister.


After morning tea children maintained their enthusiasm of having their news times.

This new week we agreed to have news about children getting ready for school as well as finding our own strengths and things that we are good at doing. The interest includes learning such as drawing, talking to friends, create things using connecting toys, agree to some changes in play, sharing toys and space and respect friends and teachers.


Through this group discussion we found out few personal and hidden interests and discovering our growing skills in different areas of development. Oscar W., Leo, Isabelle K., and Jeffrey said that they enjoy drawing, colouring, and decorating their creations. Teos, Max W, Oscar T. and Belian, discovered that they were best at talking with others. They also showed their love towards using big wooden blocks and creating a city with roads, cars and building to live.


Teos displayed his creation that he worked during the weekend at home He also mentioned that dad helped only a little to complete his wooden boat and he completed everything own his own. Eddie was happy to display his toy as he mentioned that he is good at taking care of his toys and he does not let his sisters to touch them at home. Arda was happy to talk about his weekend with Mummy and Daddy, and that he is good at counting and drawing numbers.


In the sandpit, the children enjoyed exploring water and sand – making cakes, pies, an ocean for boats, or simply exploring the sensory feeling of the sand and water. It was a nice way to cool off in the hot weather too!


In the afternoon, we enjoyed playing out in the yard. We sat together and talked about games we could play as a group. We decided on What’s the Time Mr Wolf. Before we started, we talked about the rules. Oscar T shared that there are numbers on the clock and we can only go up to 12 o’clock, then it goes back to 1. This was a good opportunity to talk about numeracy and time concepts. The children then took turns to be the wolf and had lots of fun in the beautiful warm afternoon.


The children had wonderful day exploring different activities and were showing big smiles throughout the day.

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