Today was another sunny one in the Aqua room. The children have been very busy bees and exploring everything in the Aqua room.

They explored outside in the garden, being safe and wearing our hats and applying sun cream at all times.

Maya and Sophia enjoyed some down time in the book area, Maya had a little rest while Sophia read her a story. Teresia also enjoyed reading a story.

Alice and Pasha climbed the tree like the cheeky monkeys they told Donna.

Theo loves to play with the dinosaurs and today he took them to the sand and lined them up in a row, he arranged them from the biggest to the smallest.

We did some yoga today. India and Thomas showed off their balancing skills, just look at that control with their hands.

Claire and Quinn built a wonderful race track, what amazing architects they became.

Learning centre time was full of wonderful learning experiences.

With Komalpreet the children joined her for some yoga in the garden.

Rosanna made some amazing soft red dough with a group. We talked about the ingredients, quantity, and took turns.

With Donna a small group joined her to plant seeds and grow some carrots, celery and corn. We spoke about the soil, seeds and what is needed to help them grow. The children enjoyed this experience and they displayed environmental responsibility when they asked if they could water the trees to help them grow.

What a fun day we had and we hope all our parents had a lovely sunny day too.


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