Happy Hump day to everyone. We had a wonderful fun day at school as always. The children are so very happy in the space and play so nicely with each other.

Just look at Alegria’s group time she took with a small group of children. So amazing, showing her confidence she sang the song ‘’It is good to see’’ and shook hands with the children welcoming them to school. She also gave the children book choices so they could decide what to read during her group time. What a wonderful way to demonstrate her social skills.

At the same time on the other mat, Thomas and Alice were also having their own fun playing with cars. They were sharing and discussing which colour car each of them would play with.

Pasha and Isla had a lovely and sweet morning pretending to bake. They made some star shapes cookies and cupcakes with the playdough. Next to them, Eliza was practicing her cutting and fine motor skills trying to cut the playdough with the scissors.

We also enjoyed our sunny day playing and exploring activities outdoors. Pretending to bake has been such a fun activity for everyone today. At the sandpit our lovely friend Della made a sand cake decorated with sticks as candles and the flower she picked off a tree at home.

Our friend Violet has been doing really well during her transition from Emerald. She is getting very confident around Aqua children and teachers. Today she enjoyed singing morning songs and reading some fun stories with her peers during Daniel’s group time.

Following Donna’s planting seeds activity, today the children were able to water their seeds in order to make them big and strong by taking care of them.

Christmas is already starting in Aqua room!! and children have started their Christmas experiences. Today they painted and decorated Santa’s hat following the picture as an example. We are so excited!!

We hope you all had an amazing day and see you tomorrow with more fun activities to do!

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