Tuesday is here! The children have had another busy day in the Emerald room, full of learning activities and experiences.

During group time in the morning, the children gathered around with their educators to sing songs and read books. Today the children enjoyed ‘The Wheels on the Bus’ and reading all about the hungry, itchy and sleepy bear!

Everyone showed off their yoga poses and had lots of fun pretending to be animals together! We love to participate in yoga everyday to promote a healthy lifestyle!

Today the children used their gross motor skills to play with the parachute in the yard! The children were very excited by the different colours! They used our coloured balls to put on top of the parachute and then held onto the side and lifted it up and down! We all have so much fun 😊

Some children enjoyed exploring the ‘beach’ sensory tray with sand, water and sea animals! This is a fun way to build cognitive development and broaden the children’s understanding of the world around them by looking at sea animals’ habitat!

What a day! Everyone has had so much fun building houses with the blocks, throwing the ball outside and digging in the sand pit.

We’d like to wish a very Happy Birthday to our little friend Aria! We loved spending the day with you and sharing your delicious cupcakes! 😊

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