Welcome back – It’s Wednesday! The children have had a wonderful today playing together and joining in with different activities today!

The children sat down to have group times with Ekta, Cindy and Afroz. We did a lot of singing, reading and chatting about things like the weather and what we might get up to that day! These meaningful conversations can really enhance children’s language and communication skills!

We kicked off our day with yoga! The children were excited to get stuck in and sang along to the yoga songs before they even started! We moved and stretched our bodies to engage our gross motor muscles as we practiced our animal poses.

The children were feeling very helpful this morning and helped Afroz make our playdough! They measured and poured the different ingredients and mixed it together with their hands. They decided green would be a good colour today 😊

We played with the parachute again today! Everyone had so much fun using their gross skills to lift the parachute up and down and they loved pointing out all the colours of the rainbow!

Today has been jam-packed and fun-filled! We have painted a Gingerbread man together, used tongs to free spiders from the webs, used the ramp to push toy cars down and painted our hands for a fun and Christmassy display for the room! What a day 😊

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