What a very special day today we had in the Aqua room. We all took a walk to crimson and there was a very special show ready for us. The name of the show was ‘’A Little bit of Blue’’ it was all about the bowerbird and the old lady. The bird kept taking things from her house to take to his nest. Everything the bird took was blue as the Bowerbird likes blue objects to attract the female bird. During the show the children described the bird to help the detective to find the thief. The detective asked the children to draw a picture and brave Isabel got up and drew his legs. The children really enjoyed the show and were so engaged. At the end we had to help the bowerbird to dance so the female would be attracted to him.

What a fun morning we had and when we returned to the room we explored the activities set up in the outdoor and indoor area.

Jack enjoyed some time on the car mat transporting the cars around.

Some of the children enjoyed chopping up the dough. Amazing scissor control from all the children as they cut small pieces up.

Poppy gave her Mum a call on the phone. ‘’hi Mum’’ she said.

Noah explored the big truck. He loved pushing in the sandpit.

The free art table was popular, Alison and Chloe enjoyed paint dots, while Tilly made some lines on her paper. Violet also enjoyed exploring at the art table. She also took a selfie with her best friend Katherine.

Molly was very funny today and instead of putting the nappy on the doll she put it on herself

With Liza, the children did some meditation outside to rest their bodies and mind while our little friends slept.

We hope you had a nice Thursday.

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