Today is Thursday and the children have had a rather exciting day as we ventured into the Crimson yard for an incursion!

Today’s incursion – A Little Bit of Blue – was about a cheeky bower bird that stole from a little old lady! The incursion featured fantastic puppets and fun music that all the children enjoyed. They sat so engaged and patient, listening carefully and watching intently! We all had so much fun 😊

During the rest of the day, the children used their fine motor skills to manipulate, roll and squeeze the play dough … we also had fun making it into fabulous jewellery!

The children enjoyed problem solving and completing puzzles together. The puzzles were of transportation vehicles and farm animals! Everyone was so excited to point out familiar objects to their educators and use their language to say the names aloud!

We have had a fun and busy day building very tall towers, reading books, playing with cars and popping bubbles outside in the warm weather 😊

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