Hello, Crimson families. Sunny Tuesday is here! Children were so happy to explore all the areas in the Crimson Room. Of course, they didn’t forget to wear their hat and apply sunscreen before going to the outdoor area.


During group time, we gathered on the mat and practised the songs we will sing at the Christmas concert. Children enjoyed singing some songs from Bunkers beat, followed by Maui song and continent song.

After, we listened to our friends’ news. The topic for this week is ‘Getting ready for the big school’, or ‘Something I am good at.’.

Euan – story

“When I was talking about school with my sister on Friday, I lost my tooth. We were talking and wrestling and my sister kicked on my face. Tooth fairy came and she gave me $4 and $2. So I got $6. “

Teos – school bag

“This is my school bag. It says ‘Killarney Heights’, that’s my school name. I have so many zips. I have zip on zip. My mummy bought it for me. I even have big school cloth. But I don’t have a hat yet.

Evelyn – bag

“I’ve got new school bag. My mum bought it for me. Unicorn thing was on it but it fall off. I have it in the pocket.”

Jack D – story

“I have story to tell. I am good at telling story. I went to the Power house museum with my grandma. Everything spins over there. There was huge elephant, it was like 100 million meters tall.”

After that, it was time to go learning centre.


Inside the room, a group of children listened to the book about going to a big school. Children who went to the orientation to school shared some information with us. After discussion, they were invited to make drawing about school. Some children drew themselves and their friends in school uniform, others drew the playground. All the drawings showed that they were looking forward to going to a big school!


On the deck, another group of children listen to the book ‘When I grow up.’. Then they were asked what they want to be when they grow up. Jeffrey said he wants to be a police officer, Julia said doctor, Teos said builder. After the discussion, the children looked around at the activities and chose the ones they wanted to play with. At the art table, Isabelle and Julia worked very hard to refine their literacy skill. Isabelle wrote the names of her family members with Julia’s support. Thomas and Eddie worked together to complete the puzzle. They demonstrate problem-solving skills and work peacefully towards a common goal. It was such a delight to see a lot of children being so kind and helping each other!!!

Have a wonderful afternoon everyone! See you tomorrow.

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