Welcome Crimson Families, as Christmas is coming closer, we were busy preparing for our Christmas concert songs. We practiced Christmas songs through books, videos, and CD player. We practiced lyrics of songs and performed body actions.

During the group time, children came with their News in the front. Evie brough her camera, Jack brought his batman from home, Arda brought his set of books, Edward A brought a picture of 2020 crimson children. The school readiness program was continued with children talking about their school and how they are prepared for school. All children were looking confident to speak in front of all friends. The group time was with open ended questioning among children.

We took little bit of time from learning centre to practice Christmas concert songs. Children collaborated together in different songs such as ‘Six white Bloomer, Continent song, Aboriginal songs. After Christmas songs, children made group to prepare their own Christmas tree by cutting and using brush paints.

The learning centre also involved readiness to school where children prepared their lunch for school using toy foods. Additionally, children were involved in construction through magnets and Legos. A group of children were involved in literacy and numeracy development through letters and numbers.

The learning centre was followed by sand pit play where children use mixture of dry and wet sand to build their own way towards beach house.

Children had fun day practicing songs and playing in different areas.

Thank You and Have a Nice weekend.

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