Hello everyone and happy Monday!

We are so excited to see everyone back this week and looking forward to all the fun we are going to have together during these days.

We have been having an amazing day here at Aqua room. During our morning, children were thrilled doing puzzles. Alison, Nicholas, Henry, Teresia and Della were repeating and repeating the puzzle so many times.

Over the magnets table our lovely friends Maya, Sophia and Claire were using their imagination by building different things. Claire decided to build “a big house full of rooms”.

We were also enjoying the outside area hoping it didn’t rain!!

The tree in the yard was so famous today.

We had lots of children climbing up to the top, swinging like little monkeys and laughing out loud. Iris and Claire started calling every educator asking for a picture of them climbing the tree!

But magnets were not the only activity available to demonstrate children’s imagination and creativity. Lego in the yard had so many children really interested. Nicholas built something so ‘Chase’ from paw patrol was able to fly. Henry was building a house, Rory wanted to build a boat and an airplane while Noah decided to build a big cupcake for his birthday party. It’s so lovely seeing them using their creativity, share their ideas and their confidence.

Nicholas and Henry had a great and fun idea today. They created “A track for people to play”, Isla, Molly, Pasha, Chelsea, and Chloe gave it a go and they enjoyed it so much. Playing and developing their gross motor skills at the same time!!

During learning center, we continued our Christmas craft and made some lovely activities. Children had the opportunity to decorate their Christmas tree and show it to everyone. They also started their paper plate Christmas wreath. They are so excited with the Christmas decorations!!

We all hope you are having a great start of your week and having some fun as we are having here at Aqua room!!

See you all tomorrow

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