Hello, Crimson families. This week starts with rain. However, the children were lucky to be able to play in the yard when the rain stopped.


During group time, we gathered on the mat and listened to our friend’s news. Today, Lily, Teos, Ava-Rose, and Arda came in front and showed us special things from their home. After we practised very hard for our Christmas concert. We started with an Aboriginal song and imitated playing the DIDGERIDOO with our hands. Then we sang ‘Six white boomers’, ‘Continent songs’ and ‘We are one’. All the children did their best to sing and do the actions. We can’t wait to show them to our families!!!   After that, it was time to go learning centre.


Inside the room, children used their fine motor skills to create 3D Christmas tree by cutting and pasting papers. The children worked very carefully as they had to make fine cuts in the paper to represent the leaves of the Christmas tree. And of course, they didn’t forget to decollate it with colourful paper and stars.


On the deck, another group of children also create Christmas trees. The difference was they focused on decorating the tree. Children used glue and glitter to make it colourful and sparkle! It was lovely to see they were turn-taking resources as they had a limited number of glitter jars.


Before lunch, we all went out in the yard. The children spotted small strawberries forming. They observed them closely and commented ‘Strawberries are not ready because they are still green.’ That’s right! When they have turned red and are ready to eat, we may all be able to taste them.



Have a wonderful afternoon everyone! See you tomorrow.


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