Tuesday is here! Everyone has been busy with today’s activities and they have had lots of fun getting arty 😊

We started our day with group time! Today, during group time, Robyn introduced the children to a new puppet, an owl to go with her ‘Baby Owl’ book. We read it together, gave the owl lots of cuddles and made owl noises together!

Today the children did yoga with Carolina! They had so much fun showing her what they have learnt this year and moving their bodies to the music. What a great way to start our day!

The children participated in free painting in the tray with their hands! They used blue paint to make handprints and had a lot of fun exploring the paint with their hands.

Today also marks the first day of Christmas arts and crafts! We are so excited to get started and to teach the children all about Christmas through artwork, books and music 😊 Everyone joined in with a group painting to decorate our Christmas tree!

We have had a lovely day dancing, drawing, playing with play dough and cooking with our pots and pans and pretend food!

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