Good afternoon everyone. It’s the middle of the week and we are still having so much fun in the Aqua room.

Today we started our morning shaking our bodies and warming our muscles up by doing some dancing with Katherine. The children were so excited jumping and hopping around like bunnies. Some of them added a fun look by putting tutus and dresses on.

In the home corner Isla, Remi and Pasha were so thrilled pretending being mums, dads and babies, they took babies to the park and to a restaurant to eat. Claire and Quinn were taking turns being babies and patting each other to go to sleep, they even sang lullabies to each other. Role playing is such an amazing way to show our social and emotional skills. We are so proud of all of you!!

Before group time, the children decided to have a quiet activity by reading some books. They were able to share the books to each other, take turns and share their opinions of what they thought the book was about.

During group time we also enjoyed singing and reading books with Carolina and Katherine. In Katherine’s group time, the children had so much fun singing “Old Mac Donald” and copying animal noises.

Afterwards we had our learning centre and our lovely Liza prepared another Christmas activity for us!! The children had the opportunity to make their own snowy day by gluing snowflakes on blue paper. Everyone wanted a turn of this, we all loved it!!

It’s amazing seeing the children playing and sharing with their peers every day. Just look at them trying to bury Quinn, Claire and Alegria in the sand as a team!! Hahaha that looks like so much fun!!

We hope you have a nice rest of your day and a lovely evening.

See you tomorrow!!

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