Welcome back! It’s Wednesday today 😊 The children have enjoyed their day participating in lots of group times and arts and crafts!

During group time, the children sat down to engage in meaningful conversations, social interactions and play with their educators. The children love to explore Cindy’s toys with her whilst singing songs and chatting away!

Next up, yoga! The children were excited to get stuck in this morning and even helped Robyn with her shoes and socks! They moved their bodies into different animal poses and ended with meditation by relaxing on the mats for a little while!

Today, we painted our feet to make more Christmas decorations … or should I say ‘Mistletoes’ 😊 This was a fun and sensory experience that tickled a lot! Some children enjoyed the sensation and others weren’t sure! But they all loved to see their footprint afterwards!

We had a lot of fun building towers with the blocks, playing in the sand pit and wearing dresses and tutus to dance in! We look great, feel great and they’re perfect for twirling in!

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