It’s Thursday! Everyone has had another fantastic day in the Emerald room 😊

The children enjoyed lots of group times with their educators! The children had lots of fun reading books and playing with finger puppets with Affa. With Cindy, the children practiced turn taking when exploring her motion toys and with Afroz, the children sang songs together!

Yoga with Ekta this morning! What fun 😊 The children loved joining in and jumping up and down really high to get their bodies warmed up. They practiced their tree, butterfly and cow poses, each day building gross motor skills and balance!

We got messy exploring shaving foam in the sensory tray with animals! The children used their hands to touch and feel the foamy texture and play with the animals. Sensory play is a great way to promote cognitive development!

The children continued painting their feet and making lovely ‘Mistletoe’ decorations for the Christmas tree! It was so tickly and cold!

Today we have had the best time playing with the coloured balls! The children used their motor skills to throw the balls to each other and around the room! We have also enjoyed reading books, digging in the sand pit and drawing!

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