Good afternoon everyone and hope you were able to keep out of the heat today,
we had a lovely morning today starting to practice our Christmas carols and we are all getting so confident and clever at remembering all the words to them. Singing is such a great way to introduce new vocabulary and rhythm in a fun and exciting way.
We also had some morning yoga today and used this time to start a open dialogue about taking care of our belongings and using our lockers as a safe place that is just for each of us to keep our special items in, as well as our bags, hats and shoes.
Giving a child responsibility with their belongings fosters a sense of ownership and links in partnership with their self esteem and sense of accomplishment.
We also chatted about how exciting it is going to be to start decorating our room for the Holidays and we made a list of all the ideas we came up with.
Charlie: I want to make a huge Christmas tree with lots of decorations
Elaria: And a star to go on top of the tree to shine bright
Alannah: And lights on the tree and maybe some Christmas drawings we can put on the wall.
Georgia: A Santa drawing can be under the tree
Elise: I love Santa, I can draw him a picture for his home.

For group time today we had Science with Justin and Shane where we made our own milk and vinegar Christmas decoration ornament for the Christmas tree. We started off with some milk, added some colour, and mixed in some vinegar and this created a reaction that made the milk turn all lumpy then after straining it we smoshed it into a mold and used cookie cutters to make the shape we selected. Then we added some glitter to sparkle and set it aside to dry for a few days, we will let you know how they turned out in the coming days. We are very excited about this experiment and can’t wait to hang them around our Magenta room/ Christmas tree.
What a great day we have had, and see you all tomorrow,

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