Welcome Crimson Families.

Today we had a fabulous day exploring Christmas songs and talking about Christmas concert in the morning. It was nice to see children engaged in open-ended conversation about the lyrics and actions of the songs.

Few of our children were away today due to orientation at a big school. In the group time, we continued with News Time with other children. Older children discussed readiness to school program whereas younger children explained their interest in learning activities.

Imri brought his books from Kmart and asked the educator to read them. Oscar W was showing special stones from his holiday house. Similarly, Elliot showed us specific features about his school. We looked at programs like smartboard touch, swimming, and playground.

In the learning centre, children were prepared to pack their own lunch boxes. They participated in opening the plastic pouches and packing their chosen lunch. On the other side, children were building their school structure using magnets and Legos. Today we were engaged in fine motors skills with buttons and beads.

The constructive activity continued with mobilos, blocks and rainbow-coloured wooden blocks. Children also demonstrated their understanding of completing puzzles. There was a lot of team effort in construction and puzzle making.

The learning centre was followed by sandpit play with buckets, spades, and cars. After spending a little while in the sandpit, children went towards the yard and engaged in fine and gross motor skills. Yard play was involved with ball play, monkey bar and cubby house.


Have a great afternoon. See you tomorrow.


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