Hello, Crimson families. Thursday is here! We hope to see the sun soon, but it looks like the rain will continue…..


During group time, we gathered on the mat and practised for the Christmas concert. We sand various songs include ‘Six white boomers’, and ‘continent song’. After, we listened to our friend’s news. The topics for this week are ‘Getting ready for the big school’, or ‘Something I am good at.’.   Nicky, Euan, Teos, Lily, Ava-Rose, Arda and Imri came in front and talked about their big school. Also, Jack had an opportunity to share his special Christmas toy with us.   Our dance teacher, Ms Cheryl came at just the right time after we had finished listening to the news. Children who had signed up for dance classes stayed indoors and enjoyed dancing. As Christmas is approaching, they had the opportunity to dance to lots of Christmas songs.


At the art table, children were invited to decorate the Christmas trees. They used glitter pens, and some decoration parts to make their Christmas tree colourful. Laura and Alexia enjoyed each other’s company. They had fun scooping and dropping the bubbles made from the soap while talking to each other. Eddie, Arda, Viraj, and Jeffrey cooperatively build a dinosaur farm together. In the process, they were challenging themselves to see how high they could build the fence. Evelyn and Charlotte had a great time playing in the sandpit when the rain stopped. There was plenty of wet sand so they were able to make some lovely sand sculptures.

As lunchtime neared, the rain stopped and the children were able to go out in the sandpit or yard.


In the afternoon, Ms Sarah came to do the Fit and Funky program. The children enrolled in this extra program enhanced their motor skills with a variety of movements.


Have a wonderful afternoon everyone! See you tomorrow.


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