Hello, Crimson families. Finally, the sun came out today! Of course, the children enjoyed an active time in the sandpit and yard.


During group time, we gathered on the mat and talked about what we did over the weekend. Oscar W said his friends came over to his house, Archie said he spent quality time with his family, and Thomas said he met his grandma.

After, we listened to our friend’s news. The topics for this week are ‘Getting ready for the big school’, or ‘Something I am good at.’.

Nicky, Teos, Ava-Rose, Lily, and Ryan came in front and talked about their big school. Ryan said he can’t play with his brother Conner because he needs to go to Kindy classroom, but he can meet him at lunchtime.


And then, it was time for the learning centre.  In the room, a group of children started their learning centre time with a Good morning train song which we sing almost every morning. They then chose and engaged in an activity that interested them. Archie showed great interest in Lego. He covered the whole surface of the base with Lego in various shapes. Isabelle, Lily Laura and Ava enjoyed sensory play with mermaids and blue rice. Elliot was also curious about the blue rice and loved to scoop it up and drop it in. As always, the construction table was very popular. Nicky, Max W, Ryan and Archie used magnetic tiles to build a super building for superheroes.   Meanwhile, our dance teacher, Ms Paura came in for the Fit and Funky program. The children who signed up for this extra programme enjoyed going out into the yard for dancing and doing yoga.


Have a wonderful afternoon everyone! See you tomorrow.


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