Hello, Crimson families. Last day of November! And it was incursion day!


The name of the incursion was ‘Trinket the Robot’. It was a lively, funny, interactive solo puppet show, based on the tale of Pinocchio. It explored emotions and helped us find ways of understanding different feelings. It was a perfect topic for children of preschool age!!


After the show finished, we went inside the room and had morning group time. Today, Teos, Ava-Rose, Nicholas, and Oscar W came in front and shared their news. The topics for this week are ‘Getting ready for the big school’, or ‘Something I am good at.’.



This is my big school uniform. I don’t have a hat yet. I don’t know why but they want me to wear a tie to school.


I have a book and a bag from my new school. The book is about road safety. Also, pencils for drawing.


I made it with my dad. It’s made out of wood. I can close it and open it.

Oscar W

It’s a box. It’s empty because the elf got it out.


And then, it was time for the learning centre.  In the room, a group of children wrote a letter to Santa and posted it in the mailbox which they made last week. The children drew pictures of what they wanted for Christmas presents to let Santa know. Many of the children said they want toys, but some said they want Ipad!!! Let’s hope Santa knows a thing or two about technology!!  On the deck, another group of children also created their Christmas cards. They did not draw cards to Father Christmas, but to their friends and family. They used different coloured pens so we had lots of colourful cards!


Have a wonderful afternoon everyone! See you tomorrow.



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