Today was a fun day at Aqua. Although a little gloomy outside, the rain stayed away for most of the day.

We have been growing our carrots and today the children where super excited when they sat with Donna to see the new baby shoots coming from the pots. The children had the opportunity to take the pot and have a look inside at them. Nicholas shared with Donna that ‘’they will be orange’’.

Alice went on a holiday to Batemans Bay with her family and we were very lucky to have her share her wonderful pictures with us. She laughed with the children as she told them about the giraffe licking her hand.

Group times the children are singing new songs for Christmas time. One of their favourites is ‘’he’s got a red, red hat’’.

The children are busy daily making many Christmas craft at learning centre time. They especially enjoyed making the snowman today with Carolina. Using their fine motor skills they gave him some buttons, carrots for a nose and a hat.

Katherine made something very special for them to explore. Snow in a box and such fun it brought to the children today. Using flour and a little water Katherine mixed to get the feeling of snow. The children spent at least 20 minutes when they took their turn to play. They displayed amazing turn taking as they waited.

Coles shop is a hit this week and the children continued to buy and sell their products today.

We hope you all had a wonderful day and have a nice evening too.

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