It has been a wonderful week full of games, activities, and learning, and today Friday was not the exception.

Despite the rain, we found so many fun things to do inside. We started or rainy morning doing some dancing with Carolina. Children were so excited going on a bear hunt, sleeping like bunnies, and dancing baby shark. When they finished, they were asking for more and more dancing haha, they are full of energy.

After stretching our muscles with that dancing, children looked for other activities to do inside. Isla, Molly, Alegría, Chloe, Claire and Pasha had a pretending play being a big family and taking care of baby Claire as she was sick. But Billy, Eliza and Tilly didn’t want to miss the fun, so they joined by pretending cooking and making some food for dinner.

During learning centre, we invited children to do some role-playing being doctors and they could not be more thrilled about it. They wore their doctor’s coats, face masks and gloves to be safe and to avoid germs. They gave medicine to the babies who were sick and at the end to their peers.

Isla took good care of Molly in the pretending hospital. She sent her home to rest for 6 days, to take all her medicine and to stop eating candies. Hahaha Isla you are such an amazing doctor!!

With Liza, children made their own Christmas letters for Santa. They draw, decorated by themselves by gluing stickers and filled it with the gifts they wanted this Christmas from Santa. They put it inside an envelope and will take it home so they can put it under their tree for Santa!! You can see those big smiles and excitement about this experience. Thank you, Liza, for this lovely craft activity.

Just before lunch time the rain stopped so we ran outside and tried to seize as much as we could without the rain!! It is important for children to have outdoors free play everyday. It is a way for them to explore, do some self-initiated activities and for physical activity.

Thank you everyone for this lovely week. We hope you have a lovely weekend and hope to see you all next week.

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