Hello, Crimson families. At last, we are in December, the last month of the year!!! There are lots of events to look forward to this month, including Christmas.


During the morning group time, we gathered on the mat and discussed how we would decorate the Crimson Room for Christmas. Amol showed us a Christmas tree and its decorations and a star decoration to hang on the wall.

During learning centre time, children worked in two groups. One group stayed inside and participated in science time whilst another group was on the deck and the yard engaged in various activities. After the inside group had finished making the ice cream, the two groups swapped.

While children were making ice cream, they listened to Sean and Justin carefully as there were things that we had to pay attention to. They made sure they didn’t touch the dry ice or get too close to the mixer. The children rotated around the table and experienced all the different steps of the process.


On the deck, children were invited to create Christmas cards by cutting, pasting, drawing and writing. Liam did a great job writing words on the card with support from Gail. In the yard, children found lots of little creatures. Archie was so delighted to have two ladybugs on his hand.

In the afternoon, we spent some time practising for the Christmas concert. Today we made a test recording and watched it afterwards.


Have a wonderful afternoon everyone! See you tomorrow.


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