Good afternoon our wonderful Magenta families and hope you have enjoyed this wild weather week.

To start our day off we had some morning tea and took this time to have an open chat at the morning tea table about caring for our belongings and ensuring they are placed back in our lockers throughout the day.

We have been discussing this with our Magenta group this week ensuring we are working together to take care of our hats, shoes and drink bottles.

For group time  today we read the story Santa Koala and practiced our Christmas singing. We also linked up all the Aussy animals we could identify throughout the book.

For learning Centre time we painted our own mini Christmas trees that we will be displaying on the wall with some more of our Christmas decorations.

Some of our other activities today were matching cards and sequence cards providing an opportunity for critical thinking and problem solving. The children also worked in pairs which strengthens team work and turn taking, as well as allowing for the flow of language to evolve naturally throughout this experience.

Home corner was also a great hit with a bustling café and corner shop selling Tima’s famous Orange juice.

We also had a reading corner, drawing and play dough table to strengthen our fine motor muscles in our hands and fingers. Car and game bag filled with fine motor tactile toys was popular and a music corner with group games such as sandy girl and play your music.

What a great Friday and what a wonderful week we have had.

Stay Safe everyone in this weather, and see you all next week.

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