Can you believe we are at the last month of the year. After this crazy year it has still managed to go so quickly.

The children have grown so much and are ready for their big move and next adventure in their life.

What a sunny day we had today and it was so lovely to see all the children keeping Liza safe by applying sun cream to her legs and arms. The children also found a tiny little caterpillar in the garden and watched him move ‘’slow’’ Claire said. They also displayed amazing cognitive skills as they remembered Gizmo the caterpillar from the show.

At the bottom of the garden we had 3 very busy little boy’s playing with the Dino’s at the house. ‘’Roarrrr’’ they said to each other.

Maddie and India worked together in the office.

At group times we started some songs we are getting ready for a very special show for our Mom’s and Dad’s.

After group times we got very creative today and wrote some letters to Santa with Liza.

We had some free creative art time also and made some paper Santa’s

In the afternoon we were so hot we played with many different water play. We had lots of fun scooping and pouring and when Liza retuned from lunch she got the hose and made it rain all over us.

What a fun sunny day, we are on the count down for the Jolly man to arrive.

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